Straight From The Heart
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Family Photo Album

This is one of my favorite pages. Here I can see the faces of those I love.
I am very lucky to have the family I have.


This was our second Wedding. We were married
the first time in Dec.1965 in Reno,Nevada.
It was a very simple ceremony. Not at all what
my dreams had been. But Elmer was headed for VietNam
and we wanted to spend as much time together as
We were divorced just short of 25 years. But we realized
we were meant to be together. We were not happy apart.
So on May 17,1991 we were remarried in Boise,Idaho.
We had the Wedding of my dreams. Small but beautiful.
This is a picture of our second wedding.



This is a picture of me taken in 1996. I was on my way to my 30 year class reunion, homecoming football game.



My husband Elmer. This was taken in 1996.
We were going to a football game.
He is a terrific husband.
I wouldn't trade him for the world.


Our oldest son David. Born Dec.3,1966
He lives in Idaho.
He has 2 beautiful daughters.


This is our beautiful daughter Brenda.
She was born Oct.4,1974
She lives in Idaho and has a great little boy.


Our second son Robert. Born June 24,1972
Rob lives here in Calif. and has 2 terrific

We are so proud of our children.
They have grown up to be terrific adults.
I don't get to see David and Brenda as often
as I would like, with both of them living in
Rob is just a few miles away. But with his
job, we don't get to be with him as much as
I would like.
They all have great jobs and work very hard.
I thank God everyday for these three.