Straight From The Heart
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Powers/Rutledge Genealogy


I don't know too much about this part of my family.
My parents were divorced just before I was born. So,
needless to say, my Dad wasn't around much.
And like most kids, I wasn't all that curious about
family history.

My Dad, Clarence Wintfrey Powers, was born on July 16,1927 in Texas. He served in the Army during WWII.
He was a farm laborer most of his life, working in the grapefruit orchards in Southern California mostly.
He moved around a lot, or so I'm told.
Dad moved to Idaho in the early 1960's and started a roofing business.
He loved to fish and hunt. And Idaho offered an abundance of both.
He died in Boise, Idaho on Sept. 21, 1991 at the age of 64.
He is buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Boise.

Clarence was the son of Elias Wintfrey Powers and Imealia (Rutledge)Powers. They divorced and Imealia married Argil McDanel.
Elias Wintfrey Powers was born Sept 29,1897. He died in 1945 in California. He was the son of Noah Walter Powers and Phyllis(Pettit)Powers. I have no further information about them.
Imealia(Rutledge)(Powers)McDanel was born June 26,1909 and is still living. The daughter of Edward Rutledge and Daisy(Lee)Rutledge. Grandma loves to crochet. She would send all her spare time fishing if she was able to.
She and Elias had 3 children. Clarence, Shelby (still living), and Gladys(Powers)Patteson. Gladys died in about 1988 and is buried in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Gladys was married to Lertis Byrd and had 2 children, still living. They divorced and she married Jim Patteson. They had one child (still living).

My Grandmother is 93 years old now. And what information I have, I got from her. It is all she can remember about
my Powers side.

I wrote this poem just after my dad passed away.
I guess it was a way of expressing my feelings at
the time.



As time goes by and so it must,
The flowers soon will turn to dust.
With silent tears I'll think of you
And all the things we didn't do.
I watch the children there at play,
Taking me back to another day.
When I was a child, so long ago,
And you were the Father I didn't know.
In all those years, you were never there.
You missed the things I longed to share.
You missed the smiles, you missed the tears,
You were not around to calm my fears.
Those years were hard, some very bad.
There were so many times I needed you Dad.
Maybe you couldn't make the pain go away,
But you could have said "It'll be OK".
Things might have been different between you and me.
We might have been closer than we turned out to be.
But...We'll never know how things might have been,
Had we been together, long ago, back then.
All I have left now is a memory,
A favorite gift you once gave to me.
A bride doll, now yellow, kissed softly by age,
And an old, faded letter with wrinkled page. by the place where you quietly sleep,
I sit in the shadows and silently weep.
Not for the time that we might have had,
But...I weep for the child who misses her Dad.

written by
Sandy Lee

I have not given up searching for information on this side
of my family. If and when I find anything, I plan to add it here.