Descendants of Edward Upton 1735 London England

Second Generation

2. John Thomas Upton (Edward ) was born in 1760/1765 in North Carolina. He died in 1840/1850 in Rutherford County NC.

John married Rutha Queen Hambee Hamby daughter of Henson Hamby and Sarah on 20 Aug 1789 in Rutherford County NC. Rutha was born in 1760 in South Carolina. She died in 1855.

They had the following children:

+ 11 F i Elizabeth Upton was born in 1790. She died after 1850.
  12 F ii Mary "Polly" Upton was born in 1791. She died in 1833.
        Mary married Jeremiah Hill on 3 Sep 1806 in Rutherford County NC.
  13 F iii daughter Upton was born in 1793. She died in 1800/1809.
+ 14 M iv Edward Grancer Upton was born in 1794. He died in 1870/1880.
  15 M v Thomas Upton was born in 1799. He died in 1870.
        Thomas married Mary "Polly" Brindle about 1824. Mary was born in 1805. She died on 1 Jul 1880.
  16 F vi Rebecca Upton was born in 1797. She died after 1833.
        Rebecca married Thomas? West.
  17 F vii daughter Upton was born in 1799. She died in 1800/1809.
  18 M viii Danial Upton was born in 1800. He died after 1870.
        Danial married Margaret Collins about 1820 in North Carolina. Margaret was born in 1805. She died after 1850/1860.
+ 19 F ix Sarah Garnelia Upton was born in 1804. She died on 2 Jan 1847.

10. Elizabeth Upton (Edward ) was born on 28 Apr 1778. She died in 1860 in Dysartsville NC.

Elizabeth married Benjamin Brackett Jr son of Benjamin Brackett and Ann Adkins on 1 Aug 1793 in Rutherford County NC. Benjamin was born in 1770. He died in 1822. He was buried in Old Brackett Town Cemetery, McDowell County NC.

They had the following children:

+ 20 M i Daniel L Brackett was born on 6 May 1794. He died on 28 Feb 1864.
+ 21 F ii Nancy Brackett was born in 1796. She died about 1851.
  22 M iii John Brackett was born in 1798. He died on 6 Nov 1863.
        John married Elizabeth ? about 1816. Elizabeth was born in 1798. She died on 20 Jun 1871.
  23 M iv Edkins or Edward Brackett was born in 1802. He died unknown.
  24 F v Jane Brackett was born in 1805. She died in 1846.
        Jane married Henson Johnson on 2 Aug 1827 in Burke County North Carolina.
  25 M vi William Brackett was born in 1805. He died in 1875.
  26 M vii Felix Brackett was born in 1807. He died unknown.
        Felix married Asintha ?.
  27 M viii Jobe Brackett was born in 1784. He died in 1837.
  28 M ix Robert Brackett was born in 1785. He died after 1814.
        Robert married Rhoda Winton daughter of Mc Clellan Winton and Sarah West on 2 Apr 1812 in Wayne County Kentucky.

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