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My Upton family loved to take pictures. Especially
my mother. There never seemed to be enough pictures.
Now they are my treasures.


Mildred Upton, daughter of Ted and Ethel Upton
Colleen Upton, daughter of Ed and Eva Upton
Taken about Nov.1947



Josie Laura(Uselton)Upton, wife of Marsh Upton.
Pictured with their daughter, Maxine.
Josie was born Dec.19,1908 and died Feb.15,1978
Maxine was bornMay 5,1928 and died Oct.1998



Pictured here is
Ed Upton holding Danny Upton(son of
Ted and Ethel Upton),
Ted Upton, and myself Sandy Powers.
I was about 5 when this was taken.
Danny was born in 1952.


Ruby Jewell(McMennary)Upton, wife of Loid Upton
born Feb.9,1913, died Sept.1,1974
Pictured with JC Upton, their son.
Aunt Ruby died by a hit and run driver.



Jessie Glover, daughter of Arvil and Annie(Upton) Glover.
Born Sept.8,1938 and died in 1999.



l-r) Jerald Upton, son of Ed and Eva Upton
Wilburn Upton, son of Ted and Ethel Upton
Junior Upton(Harmon Parker Upton Jr.) son of
Park and Gertie Upton