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Researching Your Own Family History


Researching family history is fun and rewarding.



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When I started researching my family tree, I didn't know where to start, exactly what to look for or where to go for assistance. One of my first thoughts was "I sure wish I had of listened more to all the old stories my grandparents told".
So,I turned to the internet. I looked up genealogy in every search engine I could find. Luckily I found links like RootsWeb. There I was able to find people who were researching the same names I was searching for. It was fascinating to find the different ones looking for information too. I found I was able to fill in some of their blanks and they were able to help me get started.
Genealogy is one of the most interesting hobbies I have had.
I found it challenging as well as rewarding.
One lesson I did learn and would like to pass on is, you have to dig and look into different resources. Some of the best I found were census records, marriage records, death and burial records, old family bibles. Birth records were hard to find, because in the earlier years, they were not recorded unless they happened to be put in the family bible.
Most of the resources are available on the internet, but some you have to contact by mail, especially if you want certified copies.
I hope the links I have listed here are of good use. They were a great help to me.
Good luck and good hunting.


I hope you remember that some information out there is not true.
Some of my information is not proven. But I am satisfied with what I have found. I searched different resources and recorded the information that I found to be nearest the facts.
I am though willing to change any information I have if it is proven to be false.