Straight From The Heart
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About Me


I am married to a wonderful, caring and understanding man. Without him I would be lost. We have 2 handsome sons and a beautiful daughter. They have blessed us with 5 terrific grandchildren.
My husband, Elmer, and I were both born and raised around Butte County California. Although we spent 20 years in Idaho and raised our children there, we could not stay away from our home. So, in 1994 we moved back to Oroville. We own a small, 10 acre ranch in the foothills and raise paint horses.
I have 2 puppies that have become like kids to me. They are 7/8 Chihuahua and 1/8 Chinese Crested. One has hair and his name is Rosco. The other is hairless and his name is Yoda. He looks just like the Star Wars character. They are so funny. It is hard to believe they are brothers, much less litter mates.
I have been disabled since 1996 when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I had no idea what pain could be. Except for an occasional migraine, I was fairly healthy. I was a bow hunter and shot archery competitively. Holding the Idaho State and Northwest Sectionals Women's Freestyle Championships were among my greatest thrills. But I can no longer shoot or compete. The pain is too unbearable. And I do not have the strength to pull the bow.
Now, because of Fibromyalgia, I have continueous pain all over my body. I have sever migraines at least 3 days a week. I have difficulty walking without the use of a cane most of the time and at times I am in a wheel chair. I had never heard of this disease until I was diagnosed.
And in the coarse of 5 years I have had to give up most of the activities I love. I can no longer hunt, nor horseback ride. It is hard for me to tend to my flowers and gardening is almost impossible.
But I refuse to let this get me down.
For when one door closes, another seem to be opened.
And I am very thankful for that.


I was born in Gridley, California and grew up in the small town of Biggs.
Raised by my grandparents and surrounded by loving aunts and uncles, I learned the true meaning of FAMILY.
That word was more than just a word to us. It was a happening, a feeling.
It was Sunday get-togethers and crouquet games. It was big dinners with everything from fried chicken to tamale pie. It was joking and teasing and laughing and crying. It was being there for each other no matter what the problem, no matter who was right or who was wrong, as long as honesty won true.
Growing up was Uncle Loid's bees and Grandad's gardens. It was playing hide and seek in the weeping willow trees that Grandad pruned with just that game in mind. It was Grandma's chow-chow and Aunt Cora's ice tea. It was an old green radio and listening to RCA Victor records on an old crank victrola. It was the thrill of our first TV and watching as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry and the Lone Ranger tames the wild west.
It was trust and faith and respect and you never asked why, you just knew it was so. It was a safe feeling, where nothing could harm you and even the old boogieman was afraid to come around.
My generation never worried about things like shootings in school or terrorist's bombings. There were no ratings for movies or TV. And porno was a word no one knew.
There is something to be said for growing up in a small town in the 50's. But there is even more to be said about a family that was not afraid to love. I feel very fortunate to have known both. And I'm sorry more of the upcoming generations won't know what these things are like.
Do I think these things are gone? Not really. They live on in memories. Thank God for that.


My favorite place to be in the whole world is the ocean.
I love to sit on the beach and watch the tides come in.
The sound is hypnotic to me. I forget all my troubles and worries when I'm there.
I've always said "If I could live with the ocean in front of me and the mountains behind me, I would surely be were heaven is."



My hobbies are amateur photography, genealogy, quilting and sewing and of course my computer. I would be lost without my computer. I love to write poetry. I have had some published in Anthologies. That is a great thrill for me.
I love fishing and camping and gold panning. I love my flowers, roses being my favorite.
I am very proud of the beautiful paint horses we have raised. Even though I do not ride anymore, horses are still one of God's most graceful creations.
The outdoors is wonderful, especially when you are in your favorite place.



The ocean's roar as tides rush in,
And salty brine sweeps ore the glistening sand.
The water's foam leaves a hint of bubbly power,
as it rolls back out beyond the reef
To change the shore,once more,
To yet another glorious view.
The sun begins to disappear somewhere
Between the place where Heaven and earth join,
Leaving behind a collection of colors
That's never quite the same as the one before.
Beyond the sound of surf dashing against the
Rocky ledge, is heard the gentle, sweet sound
Of the Master's voice, saying,
"I have made the earth and sea,
And have blown a gentle breath to make the breeze.
As these things give I to thee,
In the name of LOVE."

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