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Finding Peace

Mind reaches out beyond the surf
Footprints in the sand,
Where once the tide had been.
Breakers in the cove
Where sea lions play.
Let your heart reach out
Reach out past the waves two stories high
Until you reach the bountries of you soul.
And there....
Shall you find peace.

Here I hope you'll discover a peaceful resting place.


Please visit my favorite links. I have included several, on genealogy, on stationery and photo albums, on APHA and AQHA as well.
There is also a link for anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or who knows someone who is a victim. The only way to end domestic violence and abuse, is to ask for help. Please visit Janie's page. They are there to help and to listen.

Please---Don't forget to visit the Contact Me page and sign my guest book.
Thank you.

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