Lee Genealogy
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This page is for my husband Elmer.


Straight From The Heart

Elmer is the son of Clem and Gertrude(Pulley)Lee.
His parents divorced when he was young. Both of his parents
are deceased now. His father died in 1964 and his mother in 1995.
He, too, was raised mostly by his grandparents, Enoch 'Mack'
and Minnie Viola(Groom)Lee.
We have tried to trace the genealogy of both sides. And at this time have only succeeded finding both of his grandfather's background, that being the Lee/Stafford lines. As for his grandmother's side, we have not been able to make much progress, but are far from giving up.
The following photos are of his grandparents and their family.
As you will see in the following pages, we were successful in tracing most of his Pulley/Moon heritage, that being part of his maternal side. Though the Trowbridge has been a stumbling block just as the Groom's is on his father's side, we are still searching. And we hope to be able to add both the maternal and paternal grandmother's information soon.


Clem Walton Lee and Gertrude Elaine(Pulley).

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