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Straight From The Heart
Grandma's Brag Page

These are our beautiful grandchildren.
They are the joys of our lives and
the blessings of our heart.
When God made a grandchild, He surely chose
HIS most perfect rose.

Rosa rubrifolia

This little rose bud is Kasey Chong Yee.
He is the son of our beautiful daughter Brenda.
Kasey was born on Jan.17,1994 and is our youngest grandchild.


This is Kasey in the 1st grade. He lives in Idaho.

Each little freckle
Each special smile
Is made only in heaven
For the face of a child.
They're kissed by the angels
Then sent from above
To each lucky Grandparent
This gift of God's Love


This fine young man is Alexander Lee, the son of Robert.
Alex was born July 10,1992 in Idaho. He is going into the
4th grade. Just look at all those freckles.



Meet pretty Heidi Ann Lee, our oldest granddaughter. She is the
daughter of our son Robert. Heidi was born Dec.10,1986.
She graduated out of the 8th grade this year and is now going into High School. She is growing up so fast.

These two little girls are Stephanie Lyn Lee, born Sept.16,1988 and her baby sister Christina Renee Lee, born Feb.28,1990.
Christina is our little guardian angel now. She was here for such a short time and then she was needed somewhere else. So she flew away on May 8,1990. In her short little life she blessed us all with more love than we ever thought possible. There isn't a day goes by that I don't Thank God for our Little Angel On Loan.


This little sweetie is Katrina Lee, our youngest
granddaughter. She is the daughter of our son David.
Katrina was born Aug.7,1991 in California.
She will be in the 5th grade.


This little beauty is Stephanie Lee.
She is the daughter of our son David. Steph was born in
Idaho on Sept.16,1988. She is going into the 8th grade.
What a knockout.

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