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Straight From The Heart
Paint Horses

When God created horses, he created one of the most beautiful, free spirited creatures possible.
Then he stepped back, looked at what he had made
and decided to add color------Thus the PAINT HORSE.

Raising paint horses has become a very big part of our life. We moved back to California from Idaho in 1994 and brought with us some beautiful horses. We are very proud of our stallion as well as all of his offspring. They have proven to be very gentle and yet very willing to learn.


Our foundation stallion is Mister Good, a sorrel Tobiano stallion, born in May of 1993 in Idaho. He is out of very atheletic bloodlines. His sire is Gem Mount and dam is Mrs. Good Cookie.
Mister Good has a very gentle disposition. Yet is willing to do whatever is asked of him. He's very easy to ride. As we are finding this gentleness and willingness in all his young.


Mister Good is a very gentle horse. You would not know he is a stallion. He has put this characteristic in each of his offspring.
Pictured here is Mister Good with two of our granddaughters on his back.


All our horses have been very athletic. Pictured here is our daughter Brenda on her five year old gelding, Goods Sudden Storm (Mister Goods first born) at the 2001 Reno Rodeo.
She is a member of The Treasure Valley Leather Slappers, an aquestrian drill team from Idaho. They perform at rodeos and parades all over Idaho.
The team was at the Reno Rodeo for the 2001 drill team competition, placing 3rd. They also performed in the parade.
We are very proud of Brenda and Stormy. They have made a
fantastic pair.


This is Good N Tuff Chex. Sired by Mister Good, his dam is an AQHA mare, Nunes Karen Chex, a daughter of Bueno Chex, and grand-daughter of King Fritz.
Tuffy is a beautiful bay Tobiano stallion. He was foaled in June of 1997. We bred him to our mares this year, hoping he will throw the same quality horse that he is.

-----------ADDITION FOR 2002------------
On March 15, 2002 our black mare gave birth to a beautiful paint stud colt. He is a liver chestnut color with a lot of flash. Out of 4 babies this is the first color we have had.
On April 10, 2002 our paint mare gave birth to a pretty little paint stud colt. He is a sorrel, so far, and almost a twin to the first baby born.
But we are sorry to say there will be no more offspring from Good N Tuff Chex. On May 20, 2002, Tuffy was in an accident and suffered a broken neck. He had to be put down. We are heartsick over our loss. He was a wonderful horse and a great friend. He was proving himself worthy in all things.
We will miss this terrific stallion. We will miss our friend.

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