Straight From The Heart
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My Page of Poetry

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I love to write poetry. The following poems, as well as the ones elsewhere on this site, were written by me.
I hope you enjoy reading them. And I hope that, even if in the smallest way, they bless you.



I shall not ask for miracles,
But only for you to have your way.
I shall not ask for bright tomorrows,
But only for you to guide each day.
I shall not ask for earthly treasures,
But only for things you will to me.
I ask not for patience or understanding,
But only for love for my fellow man.

The only thing I ask for myself
I ask for forgiveness of my short comings
And that you will lead me in thy path
Oh Lord, I pray.



I think I'll sail the seven seas,
Tame the wildest beast.
Slay the biggest dragon,
But, Mom says, first to eat my peas!
But I'd rather ride a bucking bronc,
Fly a spaceship up to Mars,
Dig a hole to China,
Drive the fastest racing car.
Climb a mountain a hundred miles high,
Count every twinkling star.
Instead of eating dumb old peas,
How 'bout a chocolate candy bar?
But........Mom says.......
If I want to grow and do
All that I have dreamed,
Then...I must eat my vegetables,
From peas to spinach greens.
Who ever heard of Superman
Eating Broccoli for lunch?



Are we so blind as not to see
The Master's hand
In the beauty of a blushing rose,
Or feel the warmth in a summer breeze
as it gently blows across the meadow's green?
Are we so deaf as not to hear the words
to every song the robin sings,
Or the laughter as the children play
their childish games?
Are our hearts so cold as not to see the pain
deep in the eyes of the homeless and forelorn,
Or the desperation on the face of those who fear?
Have we not learned that LOVE is but a gift
to be passed on?
Not merely from husband to wife, parent to child,
or friend to friend.
But.......From nation to nation,
From heart to heart,
From soul to soul.
As we are all creations
From the Father's Hand.



There are places
I have yet to see.
I've yet to do.
Still, in my heart I know.
For every time
I close my eyes,
My imagination starts to fly.
I dream of traveling
Around the world,
Of flights
To distant stars.
It's true.
Though I may never travel far,
And dreams
May be all I have.
My mind travels for me.
There may be those
To say I'm wasting time.
They may not understand
Just who I am.
But I am
A mind traveler.



As I have watched the sun set
In the far most western sky
With all it's billiance,
And have seen the clouds open up
With golden hue, as tho a stair-way
Extended from the heavens to earth.
I have wondered at the sight,
Just what must be?
Tho some.........explain it only as
Shifting clouds and sun beam's glow,
I think it not so easily said.
For I as a gift from God.
That He, in all his loving glory, has allowed,
If for no more than an instant,
The mortal eye of man to see another miracle.
If, but for an instant, we have seen the
Stairway to Heaven appear. the top of that stairway's glorious light,
An angel has just received their wings.
I so believe.

If you enjoy writing poetry and are looking for contests, click the little owl below. He will take you to a page for poetry contest links.
I encourage expanding your writing talents. It is a God given talent and should be exercised.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these few poems I have placed here.
Please feel free to check back from time to time, as I will be changing and adding new poems as time goes by.
Thank you for stopping by.
Do visit again.